SUMMARY: mailing list for sendmail?

From: Rich Casto (
Date: Fri Oct 18 1996 - 08:51:53 CDT

I wrote: Is there a mailing list for sendmail?

Some people misinterpreted my question to mean that I was asking how
to implement a mailing list using sendmail, when what I really meant
was if there is a mailing list that discussed sendmail.

Charles Gagnon <charles@Grafnetix.COM> wrote the following:

   Date: March 23, 1996
   Subject: Q2.4 -- How do I access comp.mail.sendmail by email?

   Send email to <> with the command "sub comp-news.comp.mail.sendmail
   <full-US-ordered-email-address>" as the body of the message (with your correct
   address in placed of the "full-US-ordered-email-address", and omitting the
   double quotes in all cases of this example).

   E-mail you want posted on comp.mail.sendmail should be sent to
------- end -------


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