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From: Val Popa (
Date: Thu Oct 17 1996 - 14:17:55 CDT

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>>Hardware SS100
>>Software Solaris 2.4 with patches
>>I added the 2nd interface le1, create hostname.le1, create an entry in the
>>/etc/hosts file with the new IP address.
>>Problem: I can't ping, telnet etc the new IP address from outside the
>>machine...However from within I have no problems.
>>What gives?

Thanks to: ("Michael Salehi x22725")
garfield!hu (Martin Huber)
Milt Webb <>
Rahul Roy <>
Tony Clark <>
Plesha, Thomas A. (NSLC Pacific)" <>
Nicholas R LeRoy" <>

Everybody was somewhat right...
Sollution: SUN does not support multiple interfaces on the same network.
However, I found a workaround ;I configured the second IP address/hostname on
the same NIC thus enableing dual addressing of the same machine.
Thanks everybody for their wisdom.


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