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Date: Thu Oct 17 1996 - 07:10:57 CDT

Hello admins..

I received replies to my query...thanks to

Claus Assmann
Kevin Woods
Michael Gordon

for thier kind help...

The original question was:

>hello admins..
>I have a real big problem..
>I have many small domains which my server is their mailhost and mailserver,
>meaning that i have more than 10 domains in my /etc/ file.
>This works just fine, but people CAN receive mail sent to any of
>these domains and send mail as any if these domains, because
>their account exists in the example..
>I can receive mail as:
>and I only belong to ""
>As for sending mail, all the mail from inside Unix is sent as the REAL
>machine's name... ""
>so outgoing mail from any account goes ONLY as :
>How can I solve this Slight mess ??

This was not understood at first, but was made with a few emails..

The answers were that:

- use any sendmail and get some patches available (tricks with the Rulesets).
- you can't
- use the new Sendmail 8.8 with "virtusertable" feature.

Since Sendmail 8.8 incorporated this feature it was not necessary to
look at old patches.

The virtusertable has to look like this.. user1 user2 unknown user3 user4 unknown maraboli unknown

This way ONLY user1 and user2 will RECEIVE mail as belonging to
the domain, and user3 and user4 willl ONLY receive mail
as belonging to domain...etc.

any other user in the domain will be unknown.

You have to use this table with DBM or NDBM...

I have not tested this yet, i AM in the process of configuring a standalone
machine to do the test...don't want to mess the mailserver !!

Thanks for all your help..

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