SUMMARY: package paths.

Date: Thu Oct 17 1996 - 07:25:07 CDT

My original question:

### Question Starts

Please tell me if an installed package and all its resources
(src,bin,lib,etc) are only in the installed path.

We've installed /opt/SUNWspro and want to transfer this to the new
system (from a loan system) without re-installing it. Can we just:

        # rcp /opt/SUNWspro newbox:/opt

, or will there be any missing binaries?

### Question Ends


It is by far the easiest and most convienent to re-install the

Otherwise you'll have to do:
1. All the paths of the package should be veriefied from
/var/sadm/install/contents and also re-inserted into the new host.
2. Also migrate /etc/opt/licenses and /etc/rc2.d/stuff

Also it's difficult to know which system binaries it updated with
newer versions.



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