SUMMARY: INIT respawning too rapidly

From: Leon Alexander (
Date: Wed Oct 16 1996 - 08:19:51 CDT

Hi All

My original question......
>I have a problem that developed after a power-failure.
>The console log now shows:
>INIT: Command is respawning too rapidly. Check for possible errors.
>id: co "/usr/lib/saf/ttymon -g -h -p" `uname-n` console login: "-T sun..
>The machine (SS20) seems normal except that \var is filling up very
>quickly as wtmp grows. The inittab file seem right.
>Could someone please point me in the direction of the solution.

Thanks to Ron Loftin for supplying the answer shortly after I posted the

Ron Loftin <> wrote:

>If you are running xdm on the console, it is probably starting up before the
>system puts up the getty on the console device. I had the same problem here,
>and the solution was to put a "sleep" command in the init script for xdm.
>Make sure that xdm does not start until after the console login comes up, and
>you should be OK.

Thanks again Ron.


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