sumary 2 : Disk Management

From: Serkan Hamarat (
Date: Tue Oct 15 1996 - 11:47:06 CDT

On Mon, 14 Oct 1996, Serkan Hamarat wrote:
> Q: How can I see unformatted, unpartitioned disk spaces on my current
> HD (If there is spaces)? How can I modify this space? How can I delete
> and reconfigure a present partition?
> A: Format will display partitions. But it compares with /etc/vfstab.
> Backup, boot single-user mode, backup somethings again, run format for
> modify partitions, restore and add bootblock to bootdisk.

Remember to run newfs for that particular slice. Then add the
bootblk. This way a new file system will get made for the new
Charity Gustine <>

> Q: Is there any tool for managing HD for root stuff ? (partitions, etc.)
> A: No.

Yes. There are somethings. John Justin Hough
     <> said :
Actually, there are some tools. None that come with the SunOS or
Solaris directly, but Online DiskSuite and Vertitas gives you some
tools if you give that software control of your disks, and Artecon
(I believe) has written some disk management software that while not
public domain is inexpensive or free if you buy a disk from them.
There are others, but none are really free or in the public domain.

                                Serkan Hamarat

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