SUMMARY - Strip Not Working

From: Plesha, Thomas A. (NSLC Pacific) (
Date: Tue Oct 15 1996 - 11:13:16 CDT

The problem was caused by not having a swap device. I don't know how it
happened, but I will take the blame since I am the sysadmin.

>"swap -l" yields the following:
> dragon% swap -l
> No swap devices configured
> dragon% swap -s
> total: 57064k bytes allocated + 6796k reserved = 63860k used, 52936k
> available

You don't need swap for Solaris.

But when "msync" is used on a tmpfs file system w/o backing store (i.e.,
no swap disk) an error message is generated.

Casper Dik [casper@holland.Sun.COM] supplied the answer and stuck with
me through this problem. Thank to everyone who responded.

The original question was:
        The programmers are starting to revolt. After upgrading to Solaris
         "/usr/ccs/bin/strip" has stopped working. Here is what happens if you
          try to strip a.out:
                 strip a.out
                  strip: libelf error: I/O error: output msync
                  strip: WARNING: a.out: Cannot strip file

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