SUMMARY: Sendmail expansion list

From: John Nguyen (
Date: Tue Oct 15 1996 - 09:58:23 CDT

Thanks to the following for the quick/detail/accurate solutions:

Patrick Nolan <pln@egret1.Stanford.EDU>
David Beard <>
Kevin Woods <>
Raju Krishnamurthy <>
Brian Desmond <>
Tim Ma <>
Stephen Harris <>
Cameron Humphries <>
Claus Assmann <>
Ron Loftin <>
Marc Gibian <>


1. This is a feature of sendmail. Sendmail eliminates the sender from
   the list of recipients. You can enable alias expansion by editing
   the and uncomment the following:

        # send to me too, even in an alias expansion?
        O MeToo

   On other versions of Sendmail, you will have:

        # send to me too, even in an alias expansion?
        OmTrue # default is OmFalse

2. Most mail clients have a way of keeping a copy of sent-mail. If
   you are using the plain old /bin/mailx or /bin/mail program,
   you can edit your /etc/mail/mailx.rc file and add the following:

        set metoo

3. There is a configuration option, confME_TOO, in the m4 file (*.mc).
   The default is false. The syntax is something like:

        define(`confME_TOO', True)dnl

Note: Be sure to stop/restart your sendmail daemon for changes to take

Original posting:

Environment: Solaris 2.4, Sparc 10, Sendmail V8.7.5.

Configuration: I'm currently running Sendmail V8.7.5. I'm using
                the :include: command in allowing users to control
                part of the alias list. Here's part of the /etc/aliases:

                        engineers: :include:/home/jnguyen/list

                Here's part of the /home/jnguyen/list file:

               (john nguyen)
               (joe blow)
               (billy bob)

Question: Why is that when I mail a message to "engineers",
                everybody will get my mail, except me??? Didn't matter
                how I sort the list, I don't get mail whenever I mail to
                "engineers". How do I fix this?

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