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Sorry I am late providing a summary but I`d to do with several deadlines.


*** The original post:

> Dear PC-NFS-ers,
> Does anyone have experience with PC-NFS?
> I want to share a printer between PC's and UNIX-systems. The printer is
> connected with the LPT1 port of a pc installed with PC-NFS.
> After adjusting the /etc/printcap file it must be possible to print
> files from the unix systems to the printer connected to the PC.
> When I print a file, this file is indeed send to the right spool directory
> but with the lpq command I get the message: waiting for pc (with the
> printer connected on LPT1) to come up.

there were many duplicates and here is the summary;

1) the PC needs to run PC-NFS as a printer server to work this way if the printer is hooked-up to the PC;

2)PC-NFS includes an LPD compatible print server, that needs to run on the
PC. Have you configured and started it?

I`ve tried to run the lpd server on the PC, but I got only the message:
PC_NFS print server message #82.

Thanks to the responders:
Marian Buszko <> (Miquel Cabanas. BBM-UAB)
Rudi Nunlist <>
"Strelenko Yuri A." <> (Dennis Evans)
Bert Shure <>
Mike Varney <> (System Administrator)
Benjamin Cline <>
Matt Marlow
Mr T Crummey <>
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