SUMMARY (2) :full-duplex fast ethernet switch/hub wanted

From: Anthony Y. Y. CHOI (
Date: Mon Oct 14 1996 - 23:12:35 CDT

Here is my original post

> Hi gurus.
> I have problems getting our swift sbus( fast ethernet + wide scsi II)
> to work under full-duplex mode. someone said this is the hub's problem.
> my current configuration is a
> cisco 7507 ---- astante hub ---- lot's of sparcs
> (full-duplex) (half_duplex ?) (full-duplex)
> I would like to ask does anyone gets their sun to run under full-duplex
> 100mbs and what kind of equitments you are using.
> I'm thinking to buy the "3com LinkSwitch 3000 TP" or
> "Bay Networks/Synoptics System 28000 LattisSwitch Ethernet Switching Hub"
> (they are full-duplex switches from their homepage)

Shared hubs cannot support full duplex. It needs to be a point-to point
ethernet link or a connection to a switched hub separately.

Basically Sun say that there is no real standard on how
full duplex is to be implemented so the chances of Sun's
equipment interoperating with any other manufacturers
is just about nil. Sun claim that two SWIFT's back to back will work
but all bets are off in any other configuration.

here are some success stories.
From: (Christian Masopust)
I'm using the 'Bay Networks LattisSwitch 28115' and it's great
(100 Mbit, FullDuplex)

From: Law Hon Man <>
We use BayNetworks 28115 with SunSwift and found that the performance
(in full duplex mode) was great.

Law Hon Man

thanks to all managers who took time to answer. (Brett Lymn) (Ronald W. Henderson) (Christian Masopust) (Russell David) Law Hon Man <> Bert Shure <> David Sinn <>

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