SUMMARY - Does Solstice Backup do Clients?

From: Kevin Sampron (
Date: Mon Oct 14 1996 - 11:35:04 CDT

I wrote:

> Anyone know from experience if the version of Solstice Backup that comes bundled with the
> Serverpack for Solaris 2.5.1 has the 10 client support (Server plus 9 client machines?)
> I've heard that it may be a "Server only" copy but I need to know for sure.
> Legato says "I don't think so", Sunsoft says "I don't know, I think so".

I received 11 replies that said "NO" Solstice Backup comes with a "Server only" license which
means you can only back up the server (as a client) with limited functionality (see below).
I also received 1 reply that said they loaded it on 8 client machines and it was working just
fine? I think I'll go with the majority on this one. Thanks to all who replied!

Special Thanks to Bill Krauss ( who wrote:

It does not support any clients, and has limited functionality. If memory
serves me, you basically have to backup all the filesystems, they don't
allow you to configure it differently.

The Legato Part Number for the Server Edition to the Network Edition
upgrade is 2602-4U. This would give you support for up to ten clients. I
believe list price is ~$3500.00.

Thanks also to:
Andi Paton <>
Glenn Carver <>
Ann Rautenbach <>
Tom Caton <>
John Kono <>
Milt Webb <> (Marc S. Gibian) (Keith Hammel)
Stephen Harris <> (Don Catey)
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