SUMMARY: Extended monitor and keyboard cables

From: Peter Schauss x 2014 (
Date: Fri Oct 11 1996 - 13:49:50 CDT

Thanks to everyone for a quick response to my question about
monitor and keyboard cable extensions.

Original post:

> Does anyone know a source for cables to extend the distance
> between the CPU box and the keyboard and Monitor on a SPARC 5?
> If so, what is the maximum length that I can run these cables?

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>From Fri Oct 11 12:13 EDT 1996

I don't know what the max. length is, but it's pretty long.

From: Duane R. Larkin

Blackbox - 1.800.231.3222


From: John Stoffel

Give a call to "UltraSpec Cables, Inc. 1-800-622-2537, According to the catalog I have, they will sell you a 45 meter duplex monitor/keyboard cable for $515.00. They aren't cheap, but they do have what you need.


P.S. I haven't bought anything from them yet, but I will be in the future.

From: (Steve Butterfield)


NuData, Inc 32 Fairview Ave Little Silver, NJ 07739 908-842-5757 FAX: 908-842-1161

From: (Wes Pfarner)

Nudata, 1950 Swarthmore Ave., Lakewood, NJ 08701 800-844-5757 carries long keyboard/monitor cables. I couldn't find the max length in my catalog, but I remember that 140 ft. was the max when they were selling "extender" cables. Now they just sell long cables.

Their neighbor, Ultra Spec, 170 Oberlin Ave. North, Lakewood, NJ 08701, 800-222-5337, also sells a similar (the same?) thing at $515 for 45 meters.

When you get near the max length, the monitors tend to fuzz a little. Not too bad, you can get used to it.

From: (Dennis Evans)

NuData makes extensions cables like your describing. We have bought some. I don't know of length issues. My only comment/concern is that the cables did not have the right gender jackscrews,... for tightening the connectors together.


Peter Schauss Gull Electronic Systems Division Parker Hannifin Corporation Smithtown, NY

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