SUMMARY: Logging user activities

From: Mark Fergusson (
Date: Thu Oct 10 1996 - 03:16:40 CDT

>Thanks to all who replied.
>David Evans
>For 1. there are various wrapper programs available off the net. These
>are called from inetd.conf. All the details are in the man pages and
>are available from your local security type site. The tcp wrappers we
>use come from and is called
>For 2. use wu-ftp or other such ftp daemon. We use wu-ftp. Its
>Turn on standard system accounting. See "lastcomm"
>Daniel Blander
>Via things like sniffing tools, the "Sniffer" and tools like snoop on
>you can sniff for specific IP addresses and log everything that passes
>the wire....Then using tools like perl, you can parse the output for
>just the
>datagram stuff.....
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