SUMMARY: Logging user activities

From: Mark Fergusson (
Date: Thu Oct 10 1996 - 01:44:51 CDT

Thanks to all who replied.

David Evans
For 1. there are various wrapper programs available off the net. These
are called from inetd.conf. All the details are in the man pages and
are available from your local security type site. The tcp wrappers we
use come from and is called

For 2. use wu-ftp or other such ftp daemon. We use wu-ftp. Its available

Turn on standard system accounting. See "lastcomm"

Daniel Blander
Via things like sniffing tools, the "Sniffer" and tools like snoop on
you can sniff for specific IP addresses and log everything that passes
the wire....Then using tools like perl, you can parse the output for
just the
datagram stuff.....


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