Summary: Directory Name cache problem

From: Long, Michael (
Date: Wed Oct 09 1996 - 11:44:00 CDT

In your /etc/system file :

set ncsize = 5000 (or a number you have come up with)

halt the machine and type boot -r at the ok prompt for your changes to
take affect ....

Many thanks to Rahul who responded with the answer

My original question:-

I'm getting the following message on my Sparc station running Solaris

Adrian detected Directory Name cache problem (amber)
Poor DNLC hitrate, increase ncsize
DNLC 78.3%, reference rate 218.48/s
DNLC has 144 entries, try increasing it (and inode cache) to 2288

How do I increase ncsize etc. Sorry for my ignorance but I am new to sun


Michael Long.
Karmax Heavy Stamping, Canada


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