SUMMARY: Need to print screen images to an HP Laserjet 5

From: Caleb Warner (cwarner@slpma8.ED.RAY.COM)
Date: Wed Oct 09 1996 - 06:37:22 CDT

Thanks to all for your help on this one....

The answers where:

1) Buy the Postscript Cartridge for the Printer

2) Find and install Ghostscript

3) Find and install netpbm and use the pbmtolj tool

4) Use the following commands:
        xwd |xpr -device ljet |lp -dLaserJetPrinter

Since the last worked very well and I did not need to go find and install
something, I ended up using that.

Thanks again for the advice

Caleb Warner
Raytheon Company

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