SUMMARY: installed 2.5.1 on SS10, machine hangs on boot

From: Don Jackson (don_jackson@Clark-Comm.COM)
Date: Tue Oct 08 1996 - 11:46:36 CDT

Boot hang problem: I had added some remote mounts that weren't correct.
This hung the machine on boot. I would expect them to time out, but
that didn't
seem to happen. Solution, reboot single user, and edit /etc/vfstab

Corrupted file problem: Sounds like the problem described in
patch 1251421 "Files may be corrupted after a power failure". I haven't
this yet, but I'm pretty sure this is the problem.

Thanks to all my respondants, especially

        Rasana Atreya <>
        Michael Neef <>

> I installed Solaris 2.5.1 on a SS10 onto a new (non-Sun) Seagate
> ST15230N hard disk.
> After the install from the CDROM, when attempting to boot the system,
> the machine hangs. I can boot single user OK.
> Here is where it hangs:
> starting rpc services: rpcbind keyserv ypbind kerbd done.
> Setting default interface for multicast: add net gateway
> churchill
> (churchill is the name of this machine)
> after displaying "setting default interface" the machine just hangs.

This problem occurs when you have NFS mounted something from a machine
is currently down, or is not exporting those file systems anymore.

Comment out these lines from your /etc/vfstab and reboot. You should be
to come up now.


> After repeating this several times, I booted single user, and created
> /etc/defaultrouter which contains only the ip address of my router.
> (shouldn't matter, router only used to get to internet)
> Tried again, and nothing different. But when I L1-A the boot after it
> hangs, and try to boot again, the contents of the /etc/defaultrouter
> file has been replaced by 14 characters of a disk drive path
> (/dev/dsk/c0t0d) (my ip addr is also 14 chars). Really weird.
> Anyway, I would very much appreciate any suggestions......

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