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> Hello,
> Please Help!
> First of all, I am running Solaris 2.5 x86 Desktop on a 486 machine.
> A couple of weeks ago my X server crashed while viewing the newsgroups. The
> machine then re-booted itself, and asked me to run fsck manually from a shell
> prompt. When I did it told me two files in particular were damadged, and asked
> if I wanted to remove them. I said yes :( One of the files was I forget the name of the second file, but without the first
one mentioned X
> will not come up. As I gather the X server uses this file somehow for it's
> display postscript extension. Could someone please tell me where this file
mightreside on the Solaris 2.5 x86 CD, or how I can rectify the situation
> having to re-install the entire OS.
> Thanks in advance.
> Michael James Prendergast
> System Adminstrator
> Solaris / IRIX
> P.S. My email address is

cd /var/sadm/install
grep libserverdps contents
 will give something like :
/usr/openwin/server/lib/ s none SUNWxwpltA

it will give you a line with libserverdps and SUN????? package name
which you can pick out from CD. Since it is add-on - not base OS - I
guess you'll evade full reinstall.

With best regards

Fedor Gnuchev
(hm, or Ted - in this English-typing world...)
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