SUMMARY: Jumpstart question

From: Greg Spiegelberg (
Date: Sun Oct 06 1996 - 09:40:17 CDT

Sorry this took so long. Quite hectic here. Anyone want a job? ;)

My original message was...

< From: Greg Spiegelberg <>
< Subject: Jumpstart question
< To: (sun admins)
< Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996 14:59:17 -0400 (EDT)
< I have jumpstart pretty much configured with the exception of one thing.
< I'd like the machine to manage itself on the installation configurations
< which it gets mostly from the profile and NIS/yp but the machines still
< ask for timezone and netmask info. I've created the timezone.byname
< and netmasks.byaddr NIS maps but it's still asked. I've propigated the
< new maps out to all slave servers also.
< What am I missing here?

The general theme of the 50+ replies I got was...

1) The timezone.byname NIS map should look similiar to
                US/Eastern NIS_domainname
        -or- US/Eastern jumpstart_client_hostname
        -or- US/Eastern timehost
   where the "US/Eastern" is a path relative to /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo.
   Everyone had their own opinion about what the 2nd field should be.
   I use the timehost one.

2) The netmasks.byaddr map (for here since we have a class B network)

3) And most importantly was making sure ALL slave NIS machines had the
   updated maps. We have a Solaris/Digital UNIX environment and the
   DECs for whatever reason don't get the new maps when they're pushed
   out. My jumpstart clients would then do the ypbind -broadcast and
   hookup with one of the DECs and get old maps. Basically, they didn't
   need to be slaves (we had over 45 slaves and now only 6) so I fixed
   them and had must more success after that.

I have to say installing over the net is much nicer than booting from
CD, waiting for it to configure itself, starting the installation
program, selecting all the options, then waiting for it to reboot so
you can set root password and put the finishing touches on the machine.
"boot net - install w" is so much nicer.

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