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How can I deleted entries/records of a host in DNS data files for SunOS 4.1.3?


Go buy/borrow a copy of "Managing DNS and BIND", published by O'Reilly and
Associates (


In order to delete a DNS record you must have access to the primary
server for the domain.  THis is the server that has the "SOA record" for
the domain.

>From the beginning:

0. Use nslookup to get the SOA record for the domain in question: $ nslookup Default Server: Address: Some.IP.Address

> set query=soa > Default Server: Address: Some.IP.Address

origin = . . .

1. Look in the file /etc/named.boot for a line beginning with "directory" That tells you what directory named keeps it's data files in -- usually /etc/named/ 2. In the same file look for a line that says: primary db.siu (*) (*) or whatever it has in the third column; that is the name of the file to edit 3. Edit the file and delete the relevant entry. 4. In the SOA record (Usually the first set of lines in the data file) Update the serial number (It looks like YYYYMMDDSS in the record). 5. To a `ps -auxww | grep named` to get the process id of named and then send it `kill -HUP id#` (Make SURE to send -HUP +NOT+ just kill) THis will tell named to reload the databases in memory.

Reto --

Please summarize what you find out. Our DNS is on a DEC Ultrix ssystem. What I usually do is to modify the hosts file (where is the location of it on the SUN?) then make hosts to update DNS.

Sorry I don't know how to do it on the Sun.


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