SUMMARY: Netscape from a PC to a Solaris WS

From: AO (
Date: Thu Oct 03 1996 - 07:42:00 CDT


Thanks to all that provided me input into this problem;

The answer that got me there was from:

He suggested I use the "-B" option for my rpc daemon (/etc/rc2.d/S71rpc on
my system) to provide DNS resolution. All works great now!

Original Posting:
>We are trying to connect a PC (Win 3.11) to a Solaris (2.3) with
>PC-NFS 5.1. We have installed the 5.1.a upgrade on the PC (Winsock part
>Connection seems to be working fine, however, we are trying to get Nescape on
>the PC (Netscape 2.02) to connect to the SUN Solaris.
>We have netscape work fine and reach the destination host/page as long as we
>use the destination's IP address.
>Whenever we use the destination's DNS name, THE ACCESS FAILS.
>Can anyone help us with this problem?


CIAO, Angel

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