SUMMARY: tarring from HP to SunOS

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Date: Wed Oct 02 1996 - 09:49:35 CDT


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> I'm trying to read back 2 tar files from DAT. The tape was written
> under HP-UX 10. I'm reading it back under SunOS 4.1.2. I have no
> problem reading the first file but I cannot get at the second file....

Many thanks for all the quick responses. Most advised using the "no-rewind"
device. I had already tried this but in the wrong context.

The crux of the problem was that we use third party drivers for the
DAT drive (historical reasons). The smt driver from Delta Microsystems
is not directly compatible with the SunOS st driver. It reads & writes
in fixed block lengths. To force it to read/write in variable block mode,
we use /dev/vrsmt0. Anyway, when I used the no-rewind with the mt command
i.e "mt -f /dev/nrsmt0 fsf 1" followed by a forced read in variable block
mode i.e "tar xvf /dev/vrsmt0" it worked.

Thanks for your help :-

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