SUMMARY: command to cycle to another tape in magazine (fwd)

From: Marc Wiatrowski (
Date: Wed Oct 02 1996 - 10:35:16 CDT


Well thanks to everyone who replied/is repling. Its amazing, I got
several answers before I even recieved my own question over the list.

Thought there was many the first was Tim Evans, thanks to all.

Some autoloaders will load the next tape in the stack when you eject
the current one with 'mt -f /dev/rmt/X offline'. I don't know if
this one will, but give it a try.

>I have 20 Gbyte 4mm Tape Auto-loader which holds 4 tapes. Its connected
>to a Sparc 20 running solaris 2.4. I was wondering if there is a command
>to cycle to the next tape before it actually gets there. In other words,
>I want to be able to use each tape individually instead of as one unit.
>I can do this manually with the "step" button, but is there a command or
>method to do this? is it even possible?

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