SUMMARY: HP OpenView 4.0 eval on Solaris/Obtaining Eval kit

From: Mark P. Beckman (
Date: Tue Oct 01 1996 - 12:14:35 CDT

My original question was:

> Has anyone ever tried installing the evaluation version of HP's OpenView
> 4.0 on Solaris? Every time I run the install script, it hangs. (Well, it
> does say that "This could take some time.", but I think 6 hours *could*
> classify as a hang.)

Tom Bush ( provided the working solution:

I recently encountered a similiar situation when I tried to install HP's Network
Node Manager 4.1 on a SPARCstation 20 running Solaris 2.5. In this case when
the install script launched "swinstall" it would do exactly the same as
you described. After alot of frustration it turned out that we needed to get
an 11.7MB patch from HP because the install CD did not support a Solaris 2.5
installation. You might checkout:
or contact the HP Service Center at 1-800-633-3600.

The patch we required was PSOV_1090 but this was for Network Node Manager and
after the patch was installed the installation went fine.


As an aside, I received several inquiries as to how I obtained the Eval
kit. I just requested one from a HP rep.

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