SUNNARY: How to compile C++ prog. on PC and port to UNIX

From: Manish Doshi (
Date: Mon Sep 30 1996 - 14:13:01 CDT

My Original post was:

> One of my friend has a home-work assignment in C++. He has to
> do it on UNIX (SunOS 4.1.4) and is going to use g++ compiler.
> He has PC at home but no dial-in access. He wants to buy a
> C++ compiler and work from home and then go to school and
> compile it and run. Any suggestions?? How about Borland C++
> Compiler? Will it work?
> Thanks, I will summarize.

Thanks to everybody who replied:

Following were replies:

Definitely look at DJGPP. It's gcc ported to MS-DOG. Look: for more info. The only downside is that
it needs a 386+. Today, that seldom an issue.

From: Benjamin Cline <>

How about DJGCC port of GCC to DOS?
Or maybe the Cygnus port of the GNU tools to Windows?

From: (Marc S. Gibian)

How about g++ on the PC? Under Linux...

From: (David Schiffrin)

I'm pretty sure gcc is available for PeeCees. Perhaps this is the best choice?
check out

Borland's complier should be nominally compatible with the g++ stuff, as long as he stays away from OWL and MFC type PC specific stuff..


(I could be wrong, it's been a couple years since I did PC development)

From: "Robert L. Bailey" <>

There is a dos version of gcc/g++ on the net called djgcc which might
work, however if the assignment is going to use unix calls then
maybe installing FreeBSD or Linux is an option. Although doing this is a
task in itself for someone who is not experienced in UNIX.

I hope that this helps

From: Nicky Ayoub <Nicky.Ayoub@Microchip.COM>

Hello Manish

There is a dos port of gcc. Look in
for pointers to it. It works and it's free!!!
Good luck.

From: Michael Jarvis <>

Why not use DJGPP? It's a MS-DOS port of gcc/g++, which would mean all
the tools would be similar, and the code would be compatible. What's
more--it's FREE! (Which is important to many a poor college student.)

Check it out at, or your
favorite Simtel mirror.

From: "Mark `Hex' Hershberger" <>

He can get a DOS port of GCC for free:

From: billk@LANcomp.COM (Bill Krauss)

I believe that GCC is available for the intel platform... And it's free...

From: Fedor Gnuchev <>

I'd rather suggest installing FreeBSD 2.newest.version ( it is closest to
4.1.3) - that will have virtually no problems in porting.
Dropping personal affection to FreeBSD,
 using Borland C++ is OK. We have several things ported - the author it
Windoze addict with negligible Unix expirience - yet no pain in porting.
(well, he is very good programmer and never uses non-portable tricks).

From: (Norbert Poellmann)

I just saw an ad about a product called MainSoft (or MainWin) Studio.
It should convert Source Code of MS-Win-Apps, including resource files,
scripts etc to Unix (various platforms).

However it should be not quite cheap - several thousend $ and
probably not in the range of a student's budget. But ... I just wanted
to mention it. Product is by Mainsoft Inc. CA. For Germany they
point to

Note: Nor me nor my company has anything to do with MainSoft Inc.,
Precision Soft. I didn't have any experience with this product.

From: Herbert Wengatz <>

Why not use the GCC (g++) for DOS ? This is simply the best and the
cheapest solution! :-)

Search the Web for the djgpp !

From: "David Evans" <>

This is more appropriate to a programming group in my opinion.

Now you've been flamed, here is an answer. Try getting the gcc
material from your local archie server for the MS-DOS environment.
I think its called "djgpp" or something very close. Its not from
the FSF but I believe its pretty compatable.

David Evans

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