SUMMARY: (addendum) Hung Console

From: Peter Schauss x 2014 (
Date: Mon Sep 30 1996 - 08:51:09 CDT

A while back I posted an note about a hung console. All of the
suggestions were to do an rlogin, su to root and type:

/usr/openwin/bin/kbd_mode -a >/dev/console

This works for the case where the keyboard echos "garbage characters".

I had a similar problem today except that I was getting no echo from
typing at all. The system just beeped when anyone pressed a key.

ps -elf showed two copies of ttymon running one of which looked like;

/usr/lib/saf/ttymon -g -h -p fic1.tpsb console login: -T sun -d

I sent a kill -1 to this process and "the system" started a new
copy which worked properly.

Peter Schauss
Gull Electronic Systems Division
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Smithtown, NY

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