SUMMARY: ufsrestore with no prompt?

From: Marc S. Gibian (
Date: Fri Sep 27 1996 - 13:37:07 CDT

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There were a number of solutions. The following is the solution first used and

I usually do this in a script:

cd /path
ufsrestore rf ufsdumpfile << EOI

---- original question ----
This seems like such an obvious question, but I've checked the FAQ and attempted
an archive search and can't find it, so...

I am writting a script that uses ufsrestore and would like to get rid of the
prompt to the user for volume #. I've tried piping a number into the command
with no success and can't find an argument in the man page to do the trick.

My thanks to: (Richard Amick)
Rahul Roy <> (Michael Sullivan)
Peter Marelas <>
Dan Pritts <> (Cyril GODON)

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