Summary:Probe-scsi on Ultra Sparc 170

Date: Fri Sep 27 1996 - 11:27:10 CDT

 Sun Managers,

Thank You for your responses.Thanks to everyone who responded and to
those whose reply has not yet reached me.

The general opinion was that it is possible to do a probe-scsi only after
setting the autoboot flag to false and then doing a reset-all
However one of the replies also pointed that it is possible to do a
probe-scsi with autoboot flag true if L1-A key is pressed just as the
monitor screen becomes alive.Apprantly both the solution work.

I am attaching the replies for the Group.

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So far the best solution I have found is to turn auto=boot off...
no other way I've found to do it with out hanging the machine....

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Here's important article (a follow up with a quote) I saved. Hope this
helps -FvD-]

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Subject: Re: probe-scsi hangs my Ultra-1/170
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Shutdown -h now will take you to boot prompt. I think it's init 0 but I'm not sure about that.
read the man page on init and inittab.

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The reason you are getting those messages is once the system scans the
SCSI chains, a probe-scsi command will hang the machine. It is a bug
with the most recent boot proms. To get past this problem SUN is
telling everyone to do the probe-scsi before the system has a chance to
do much of anything, ie. not to let the boot prom boot or the system to
come up. A "stop-A" then probe-scsi will definatly hang the system.
Your best bet is to reboot the box, and as soon and the vid card
initializes (ie. your screen comes active) hit "stop-A" then do a

Craig Ledbetter
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setenv auto-boot? false

setenv auto-boot? true

it dis-allows the probe because it will change the state of the scsi
controller on a possibly booted machine ...


I noticed that on an ultra sparc 170 as well.. the probe-scsi
command just hangs...

Please send me anything you find!

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I have to set autoboot to OFF for prob-scsi to work.

do a L1-A from the ok prompt do
setenv auto-reboot false
then do a reset-all

this will prevent it from auto booting (I'm not positive the variable is
called 'auto-reboot' but you can do a printenv to find out, it's either
called 'auto-reboot' or 'auto-boot')


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I, too, have been experiencing the same probe-scsi problems with an Ultra-2.
We found that if you interrupt the boot process with a STOP-A BEFORE the
memory initializing starts, then you will not cause the hang . You will
still get the warning message but it usually won't hang.
Hope this helps.

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You can't do it with auto-boot on.
You must temporarily turn off auto-boot, e.g.:

setenv auto-boot false
setenv auto-boot true
First, do reset-all
Then, when it comes up again, do L1-A before it boots.
Do a probe-scsi

IT will warn you - ignore its warning and probe anyway.
You will be fine.

This is what I do with my UltraSparc 2/170.

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You need to modify the prom auto-boot? to be false then a reset will not cause a reboot.

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