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My original post:

>Our current print server is a SunOS 4.1.3_U machine.
>All it's clients are Sol 2.x. I'd like to move the print server to a
>Solaris 2.5.1 machine.
>I know how to setup printing. What I need to know is *how to disable* the SunOS
>machine as the print server on these machines. I need to know these clients
>>will still print when the SunOS print server is decommissioned.
>Will 'lpadmin -x myprinter' do the trick?
>Or do I need to just delete the old print server from /etc/lp/Systems?

Thanks to the following for my resolution:

From: Manish Doshi <>
From: (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)
From: (Stuart Beck)
From: (Andrew Merkert)

Recommended way:

Delete the printer associated with the old printer server by:
# lpadmin -x myprinter

And then re-add using
lpadmin -p myprinter -s printserver!printer -T <mostly unknown> -I <mostly any>

The hacker's way, edit the following to reflect the right server:
- edit /etc/lp/printers/myprinter/configuration
- edit /etc/lp/Systems

The /etc/lp/Systems stuff is for print _servers_ so it won't do any harm to
leave the old print server there, but ofcourse the new server name has to be

One important point I thought I'd add (I got this from SunSolve):
Even if *both* the print server and the client are Solaris 2.x machines, Sun
recommends that ALL machines, print clients *and* servers utilize the BSD print
protocol. This is because the s5 protocol will not be supported in future.

Thanks much,

PS: The following is a more detailed explanation from Andrew Merkert:

        To be able to disable your SunOS box as being the print server,
you will have to touch each one of your Solaris clients and re-direct them
to the new Solaris print server. This can be done by executing the following
commands on each of your clients:

        lpsystem -t s5 hostname (hostname - Solaris p-server name)
         lpadmin -p queuename -s hostname (queuename - printer queue,
                                                 hostname - Solaris p-server name)

You will want to make sure that you first create the new queues on the Solaris
print server. Then either update your clients or re-direct the SunOS print
server to the new Solaris print server. You do not want to remove your
SunOS print server until all your clients are looking to the new Solaris
print server.

To prevent this problem in the future, you can setup printer aliases. Printer
aliases are secondary hostnames associated with a host in NIS, NIS+ or
/etc/hosts. The advantage of printer aliasing is that when you move a printer
from one host to another, you don't have to touch all your clients. You
simply need to move the printer alias from the old hostname to the new hostname
in NIS, NIS+ or /etc/hosts. To make things simple we use the queuename as the
alias. Then on each of your clients, you only need to issue the following
commands once:

        lpsystem -t s5 queuename ( queuename - printer queue )
          lpadmin -p queuename -s queuename ( queuename - printer queue )

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