SUMMARY: shell rc file for su

From: Osvaldo Gold (
Date: Wed Sep 25 1996 - 11:24:55 CDT

Original question:

<> Is there a file that su reads on startup? (ala .profile .kshrc .cshrc etc)
<> My users with root priviledges want to have their PATH and prompt set up
<> their own way when they su to root.

Thanks to all that replied. Unfortunately there is no such thing.

Notice that "su -" is not what I want. Users do not want their environment
to be whatever I tell them it should be. They want their own environment.

I remember once having a file called .surc in users' home directories that
will get read when the user executes su. I think I will have to get my
own version of su and make it do just that. Until I do that, they will just
have to source that file themselves.

Thanks again to all.

-- Osvaldo Gold, Apex Voice Communications

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