SUMMARY: Solaris 2.4: "df -k " and "du -sk /" reports different values

From: 'Ita Ojeh (
Date: Wed Sep 25 1996 - 08:40:03 CDT

Thanks to the many people that responded to my question that I posted here
is the summary...

I am trying to see the actual capacity of my HD and its usage but when I run
"df -k" I get a value that is different than when I run "du -sk /"

"df -k /" is supposed to tell me the partition size in KB and the
utilization so that I can easily figure out the total usage and total free
while "du -sk /" is supposed to tell me the usage of the HD. The values from
both command should match (or at least close) but they aren't. Why is this?

Is there another command that will tell me the exact usage and available space?


Using "du -dsk" and "df -k" gives you a rather precise disk usage. The "-d"
in "du" prevents the filesystems from being crossed.

        inno:% du -dsk /usr
        inno:% df -k

will give you an accurate disk usage on the /usr filesystem (i.e. near the
same values).

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