SUMMARY: chown for a non-root user

From: R.SrinivasaMoorthy (
Date: Mon Sep 23 1996 - 10:23:47 CDT

Thanks to everyone who had responded to this, specifically to Edward Grimm.

Below is my question reproduced:

> Can I get the 'chown' to make it work for non-root users on
> SunOS 4.1.4?

I wanted this badly, as frequent requests from users to change owner to some
one else, kept coming to me.

The replies - summarized - were:
1. DONT' DO IT - Because of User Quota getting affected.
2. SETUID chown - As suggested by themselves,very dangerous as anybody can
                  simply become root. Not a good idea.
3. Unset the _POSIX_CHOWN_RESTRICTED OS option -
               - It looked to me initially as the actual solution, but
                 further analysis proved to me that in SunOS, there is no
                 way to unset this option at all.(man 2 chown will give the

The chown behaviour is seen only in SunOS and Solaris, and other OS like
Unixware and other SVR4 systems have chown working for non-root users too.
They solve the security problem by UNSETTING all setuid,setgid bits on the

Hence the only solution on SunOS to me, looks like writing my own chown
program and give SETUID perms to that "mychown". This "mychown" will unset
all the setuid,setgid bits on the file being chown'ed. Our site does not
have User quotas implemented and hence this should be fine for me.

Thanks to:
Edward Grimm <>
Pete A. Zaitcev <>
Rodney Marable <>
Keith Willenson <>
Michael McGeown <>
Salvador Ramirez <
Gokhan ERDEM <>
Sesharao Patchipala <>
Tommy Williams <>
Daniel E. Singer <>
Daniel Beaudry <>
Richard Pieri <>

Kaushik Pushpavanam <>

        Srinivasa Moorthy

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