Summary :(Where is real Cron Stored)

From: dwright (
Date: Thu Sep 19 1996 - 13:42:02 CDT

Thanks to all who replied-

I am running a netra which has a few subtle differences that a lot of sun
boxes so the problem may have been due to that. I also (probably) forgot to
send the restart signal to cron (oops...).

Here is one solution that worked for me. I got this froma few users...

as root do the following (preferably in a temp dir or somewhere not critical)

# crontab -l >root.crontab (yes the -l worked but not the -e for some reason)
# vi root.crontab (Then make the edits you want)
# crontab root.crontab (the crontab command will take care of the
restart signal for you and warn of any
editing booboos
                                you may have made)

Then you can do a
# rm root.crontab (a clean filesystem is a happy filesystem!)

Thanks again to the following - in no particular order

Mike Fletcher
Trevor Paquette
Stephen Harris
Rich Snyder
James Mulradeli
John Mendenhall
Peter M Allen
Mark Sherman
Alex Finkel
Doug Wright
System Administrator
ShareLine Systems

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