SUMMARY: Solaris2.4 sendmail header continuation line bug

From: Ron Stanonik (
Date: Thu Sep 19 1996 - 12:58:47 CDT

At 12:36 PM 9/18/96, Ron Stanonik wrote:
>In Solaris2.4 if the last header has a continuation line, then
>sendmail duplicates the continuation onto the previous header.
>This came to our attention because a Eudora user, whose mail was
>on a Solaris2.4 system, complained that sometimes attachments failed
>to detach. The problem was that sometimes the last header had
>a continuation, which Solairs2.4 sendmail stuck onto a previous
>header (the Mime-Verion header), rendering the message no longer
>MIME conformant.
After posting I realized that /bin/mail was probably the culprit,
rather than sendmail, and a sunsolve search for /bin/mail revealed
that this problem is fixed by patch 102042.

Ron Stanonik

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