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Date: Thu Sep 19 1996 - 08:59:35 CDT

 My original query:

 In your opinion, what is the best software for:
  - Xterminal emulation
  - NFS
  - FTP
 on Windows 95 client with Sun Os server ? And with Solaris 2.4 or 2.5 ?

 The answers are these:

 Xterminal NFS FTP
  Exceed NFS Maestro Exceed or NFS Maestro
  Chamaleon NetManage/X for all
  Reflection for all
  OnNet Packages from FTP Software for all
  NCD PC-Xware
  Linux CuteFTP

 Some suggestions:

 - I choose Hummingbird eXceed for X and Unix/Internet/TCP services. They
also make
  an NFS product called Maestro. Consider your needs for NFS. If it's the
case that
  you just need to move files between PCs and Suns then I would suggest
SAMBA which will provide LAN Manager protocols on your Sun.
  SAMBA is freely available, check

  - Don't use NFS. Instead of it install samba on your server. This is a
free software
  from andrew trigell which makes your sun behave like a NT Server to which
WIN95 and
  NT can connect directly. For WfW3.11 you need a free tcp/ip stack
available from
  Samba is available by ftp from in /pub/samba and on many
mirror servers
  all over the world.
  Look at

  - use Microsoft ftp using the tcp/ip stack in Win 95 with Internet Plus

 Thanks to all !

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