SUMMARY: How to reset console ?

From: Walter Moore (
Date: Wed Sep 18 1996 - 12:30:05 CDT

original query:

> Subject: How to reset console
> I have a Wyse terminal on my server and its somehow gotten into
> some weird state where all its showing is gibberish for lowercase
> characters. If I log in using uppercase characters, its sort of
> ok. How can I reset the console without rebooting? thanks.

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You might try

        echo ^V^O

That is, echo a Control-O (oh) out to the terminal. Some terminals have a
built-in second font that you can shift to (by sending the terminal a ^N) or
out of (with ^O).


typing 'echo ^V^O' after logging into the system with lowercase
letters worked perfectly.

thanks to all.

I had tried the 'stty sane' to no avail.
I had tried to reset the terminal from the PF keys, also to no avail.
I had never heard of the stty 2506.... but it didnt work in this case.

I was not able to turn off power or disconnect the cable for
the terminal, as it would have halted the machine and we can not take the
chance right now of the system being halted and/or panicing (its been been
known to do this) when I typed 'go'.

other answers:

Try: stty sane and if does not work reset the terminal from the PF keys


        Without pressing the enter key, type on the Wyse terminal:

                ^J^Jstty sane^J

        where ^J is Ctrl-j

=== root@wisdom.Maf.Nasa.Gov:

Try doing a <ctrl-d> at the login prompt.


        stty sane

after logging in with lower case.

Also try:

        power off terminal
        wait 10 seconds
        power on terminal

did you already try control-j stty sane control-j (repeatedly ??)
have you checked the settings for the wyse ?

Disconnect the cable, then cycle power on the terminal.

MY experience is that I could disconnect the cable,
do anything that I want to the wyse, and then
reconnect the cable.

If the system does TRAP, do NOT reboot, just type 'go'
for the system to continue on

have you tried "stty SANE" ?
Do a rlogin from another machine, and then do (as root) the following:
stty 2506:5:d04bd:8a3b:3:1c:7f:15:4:0:0:0:11:13:1a:19:12:f:17:16:0:0 </dev/console

Cycle the poer on the console.
If when the prompt comes back, you are in prom mode (the prompt is just "ok")
the type 'go'. That should do it.

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