SUMMARY- Changing Cursor Repeat Rate

From: Craig Gruneberg (
Date: Wed Sep 18 1996 - 07:39:48 CDT

My original plea for help was:

System: Solaris 2.4, OpenWin 3.3###

I have looked everywhere for an answer to this request and have
come up empty. Maybe it is not possible to change. Not a
mission critical request- just one of those nagging user

I have a user who would like to change the speed that the cursor
moves when the arrow keys are pressed and held in things like
mailtool, shelltool, X apps etc.

I thought there should be a common solution for the Openwin
apps like mailtool and shelltool but I haven't found it.

Anyone know how to speed up the cursor ( I must admit that
there have been times when I would like to do this also )??

###That brings up another question! Besides the startup banner,
how can I determine which version of OW is running?

Ric Anderson and Michael Sullivan hit on the answer squarely. Thanks

From: Ric Anderson <>
Check out the man page for "Xsun" which is what the openwin script
runs as I recall. I think fiddling ar1 and ar2 will get what you
want. The default is ar1=5 milliseconds before repeats start, and
ar2=50 milliseconds between repeats. Reducing ar2 should speed
up the rep rate.

For David Mac Manus and Trevor Paquette- now you know!

From: "David Mac Manus, UCG, Galway, Ireland" <David.Macmanus@UCG.IE>
For Solaris 2.4 the version of Openwindows
can be determined by the 'showrev -a' command
which prints system, windowing and patch information

I don't know how to change the cursor speed.

From: "Trevor Paquette" <>
As far as I know the only that you can do with keyboard repeat is to turn it
on or turn it off

xset r on
xset r off

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