SUMMARY: IMAP mail server and client

From: Michel Pilon (
Date: Wed Sep 18 1996 - 08:00:23 CDT

Here is my original post:

> Do you know where I can find a reliable IMAP mail server for Solaris 2.5.

> I am also looking for an IMAP mail client for NT. Any ideas?

The answer are:

1) Solstice Internet mail Server 1.0 is now available and support IMAP4 and
   POP3 clients (~$995). IMAP client is available free of charge for Solaris,
   Windows 3.1, Windows95 and Windows NT at:

2) Look at for IMAP for Solaris
   Pine version 3.95 includes an IMAP and a POP3 daemon. There is also
   a client pine running under Windows NT.

3) Look at

Big thanks to:

mshon@sunrock.East.Sun.COM (Michael J. Shon {*Prof Services} Sun Rochester)
Paul Kanz <> (Rich Casto)
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