SUMMARY: scsi bus hanging with Conner CFP2107 HD

From: Martin Achilli (
Date: Wed Sep 18 1996 - 05:30:00 CDT

The problem turned out to be a dirty SCSI connector, after having used
my special SCSI connector cleaning tool (an old toothbrush) with some
electrical contact cleaning spray things worked fine.

I would like to thank those that took their time to reply:
Xu, Guo Miao (Hui, Kwok Miu)" <>
Martin Las <> (Paul R. Woods, Paul Woods)
Anthony Goonetilleke <>
root@wisdom.Maf.Nasa.Gov Mark Hargrave (Bismark Espinoza) Herbert Wengatz (Kris Briscoe)

I found some useful information on SCSI, on the issue of terminator
power which I had not understood clearly at: by Wilko
 Bulte, I think there are various mirrors of this information around.

I am quite satisfied with the Conner CFP2107 (aka Seagate 32107) since
I have installed it internally in our SS10. This is a 7200rpm drive and
is quite fast, it does generate quite a bit of HEAT and noise though and I
 had to add a small fan near the drive to keep it cool.

These are the format.dat params : Conner CFP2107S cyl 4014 alt 2 hd 10 sec 104

My original query:

> I am having a problem whereby the scsi bus of our SS10/61 hangs when I access
> the Sun 5Gb DAT drive. On the console I get this error:
> 18:14:33 luna vmunix: esp0: Current command timeout for Target 5 Lun 0
> 18:14:33 luna vmunix: esp0: State=MSG_OUT_DONE (0x4), Last State=MSG_OUT (0x3)
> 18:14:33 luna vmunix: esp0: Cmd dump for Target 5 Lun 0:
> 18:14:33 luna vmunix: esp0: cdb=[ 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0 ]
> 18:14:33 luna vmunix: st1: transport completed with reset
> 18:14:33 luna vmunix: sd0: SCSI transport failed: reason 'reset': retrying command
> My configuration is:
> Sparc 10/61 with 80Mb RAM, SunOs 4.1.4 with all recommended patches
> One internal Conner CFP2107 2.1Gb drive (termination disabled)
> One external Sun 5Gb DAT, active terminator at the end of the chain
> I recently cleaned and checked all SCSI connections
> This problem crops up since we recently replaced the internal drive from a Sun
> 1Gb unit to the Conner drive. I formatted the drive obtaining all the geometry
> information from a data sheet.
> Every time I access the DAT drive the machine hangs for about 1 minute and then
> spits out the above error. Can someone help me fix this ?
> Thanks,
> Martin

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