SUMMARY: keyboard: function keys and numlock

From: Osvaldo Gold (
Date: Tue Sep 17 1996 - 14:18:04 CDT

Original question:

  Could any kind soul tell me how to set up my NUM LOCK key to come on
  by default (when the system boots, when I start OPENWIN, when I login)
  and how to program my Function Keys.

  I am on a SPARC 5, Solaris 2.5.1, and kbd -t reports a Type 4 keyboard.

Thanks to all who responded.
Although I found a way to program my function keys, I still don't know how
to have the NUMLOCK active without having to press the NUMLOCK key.

For the function keys I create a $HOME/.textswrc with the following contents:

cat $HOME/.signature

echo "hello"

Thanks again and if you find out a way to turn on the NUMLOCK key let me know.

-- Osvaldo Gold, Apex Voice Communications

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