SUMMARY: Backing up Sun using Netware server?

From: Wojciech Mikanik (
Date: Mon Sep 16 1996 - 07:34:40 CDT

  My orignal posting:

> We have SunClassic and Novell Netware server connected to our
>Ethernet LAN. We don't make backup for Sun (I know it stupid, silly
>etc.). We want to do this using SCSI tape drive connected to NN
>server. Problems:
>1) is it possible at all?
>2) what software do we need?
>3) I thought of using NFS, so that Sun's disks would be visible as a
>NN volume and backed up in this way: any drawbacks? (I'm aware of
>security and - well - I have no idea how to restore Sun from copies
>made in this way)

From: Paul Kanz <>

It is possible to backup your Sun with a Novell server. Palindrome
has/did have a product called Palindrome Network Archivist (PNA) for
about $500US. You need to have the TCP/IP and NFS NLMs loaded and
configured on your Novell server. You then export the Unix
filesystem to the Novell server (with root perm). With PNA, you can
backup/restore Unix, Novell, Mac, OS/2, and MS-DOS filesystems.

When it comes time to restore a Unix filesystem, you would re-partion
the drive (if needed), reload the base OS, and configure TCP/IP items.
Once this is done, you would restore the data back with PNA to the

From: (Ray Trzaska)

of course it's possible, but ...
depends on how much from your sun you require to back-up.
two options from the top of my head.
1) run nfs client on the novell box, nfs mount the disks from the sun
and back them up.
2) legato networker ( aka solstice backup on the sun ) need client
portion on the sun, and server portion on the netware.
3) solstice pc client / server services on the sun may do something
for you, but i dont know what ( which is why only two count).

From: John Benjamins <johnb@Soliton.COM>

not sure about how well it would work using NFS to the Novell server.
what are you using on Novell to do the backups? if you are using
ARCserve (from Cheyenne) to do the backups, i think there is ARCserve
available for UNIX which will let you backup to the Novell/ARCserve
machine. some information is available at

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