SUMMARY: Pointcast under WABI

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Date: Mon Sep 16 1996 - 07:03:43 CDT

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Has anyone been able to get pointcast to run under WABI 2.2? I get an error message from pointcast complaining about not being able to load winsock.dll.


Thanks to everyone who responded.

Unfortunately I cannot report good news. Most of the replys came from others who also want to run pointcast but cannot. It appears that , at this point in time, pointcast will not run under WABI. WABI does not have a winsock.dll file. All of the functionality has been incorporated into WABI and is available to all programs. Sunsolve says do not copy a real winsock.dll into the system directory. Pointcast makes the assumption that to get the functionality of winsock that it must be able to load it. So we are in Catch-22.

Perhaps someone with a support contract with Pointcast can convince them to test to the availability of the API instead of just looking for the winsock.dll file.

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