[SUMMARY] /usr/ucb/mail and Email containing the string "cc: Mail"

From: @lucent.lucent.com
Date: Fri Sep 13 1996 - 11:25:44 CDT


Given that my preious query was for a Solaris 2.4 system, two insights
have developed.

(1) Patch 101880-10 fixes the mailtool program for exactly the scenario
which I described.

(2) /usr/ucb/mail or /bin/mailx is trouble prone and should not be used.
         - and - There are no patches for this program on the Novadyne patch server.

I must ask myself if the "cc: Mail" problem actually caused message replication
in my mailbox when I was saving mail from mailtool or from /usr/ucb/mail (which
I use at home). And ... I cannot guarantee that /usr/ucb/mail did not cause the
replication of the "cc: Mail" messages.

Anyway, patch 101880-10 is on. I will test shortly. And, if the "cc: Mail"
replication of lines continues to occur, I will post again.

In summary, mailtool is patched for that scenario. /usr/ucb/mail or /usr/bin/mailx
is not.

AND, thanks to so many peers who jumped in this issue and responded. I appreciate it.

Bill Shorter

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