Partial Summary: Problems with accounting

From: Rubens Queiroz de Almeida (
Date: Fri Sep 13 1996 - 09:04:55 CDT


A few days ago I posted a message to this list, reporting
some problems I have with accounting on a Solaris 2.5 Sparc20.

The file /var/adm/acct/sum/lastlogin wasn't being updated.

I haven't solved the problem yet, but there are a few things
which I have noticed.

1. The runacct command, as recommended in the manual, should
   be run under the account adm. The shell of the account adm
   is nonexistent. Therefore, cron never executes the commands
   in the adm's crontab.

2. In various parts in the runacct script, there are messages
   redirected to /dev/console. The user adm cannot write
   to the console. It gets permission denied messages.
   I changed runacct to write to the file /var/adm/acct/nite/console

3. Even when runacct runs to completion, the /var/adm/acct/sum/lastlogin
   file is not updated, and I have no idea (yet) why this is so.
Well, as I see it, there is something terribly wrong with
the packaged accounting procedures as distributed by sun.
If I followed all the instructions in the manual, it all
should work perfectly, isn't it?

Thanks to you all,


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