Part Summary: XWindow question (displaying Netview/6000 on Sparc 5)

From: Danny Lee (
Date: Thu Sep 12 1996 - 21:40:20 CDT

Hello all,

The great thing about this list is that there is always at least one
person who is bound to know something!!!

Thanks to (Steve Butterfield), who hit it in one.
Netview/6000 is having problems with the default 24-bit frame buffer
(S24) that came built-in with the Sparc 5s.

I tried displaying Netview/6000 again in openwindows (in 8-bit mode)
using the command:

        openwin -dev /dev/fbs/tcx0 defdepth 8

and it works!!!

However, the problem now is, how can I do the same in CDE? Does anybody
have any ideas?


Original Question:
Danny Lee wrote:
> Hello Sun-managers,
> Just wondering if any X Window gurus out there will be able to point me
> in the right direction......I'm running CDE on Solaris 2.5 on a Sparc 5
> and am trying to display Netview for AIX from a RISC/6000 over the
> network.
> When Netview/6000 is displayed on an AIX box, all the icons and windows
> are displayed correctly. However, when I try to display it over the
> network to a Solaris 2.5 CDE display, all my Netview icons are not
> displayed at all, and more importantly, the maps in the main Netview
> window doesn't get displayed at all.....and the only errors that I get
> on the AIX box is "ovw: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)". It
> seems to have problems drawing the contents of the most
> windows are just blank even though the window border is OK.
> Has anybody come across this situation before? Can anyone point me in
> the right direction?
> Thanks in advance,
> Danny

From: (Steve Butterfield)

        It sounds a bit like a mismatch of visuals to me. Is there a
difference in the Framebuffer depths on the two machines ?.

Best Regards,

Steve Butterfield.

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