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Date: Thu Sep 12 1996 - 18:24:03 CDT


The replys gave me pointers but I used a differnent technique. I actually used
"newmail" from the Elm package with all the folders as arguments. It works

Replys whore:

Jason L Tibbitts III: Zsh
Nicky Ayoub: Combination of mailagent and exmh
Jason Noorman: z-mail

This one who gave me the idea on "newmail" (he does it with "messages").

On Sep 12, Bob Rahe writes:
> Pick up the ELM mail system distribution, I use the filter program from
> it rather than procmail but... Anyway, there is a program in there called
> 'messages'. Just install it and then make up a shell script like this one
> that I use to check mail:
> -------------------------------------
> #!/bin/csh
> set nonomatch
> messages
> foreach file ( $HOME/IN/* )
> if (-f $file) messages $file
> end
> -------------------------------------

And a technique with the Shells:

On Sep 12, Edward Grimm writes:
> Using csh, tcsh, ksh, bash, zsh, or even sh, you have this
> functionality built into your shell. No message will be printed until
> right before a prompt. If that is unacceptable, I can quick write up
> something, just tell me what script language to use. (I also do perl
> and tcl. Awk & sed aren't well suited for this...)
> sh, ksh, bash:
> set MAILPATH to a colon separated list of filenames. Set MAILCHECK to
> the time between checking for new messages.
> csh, tcsh, zsh:
> set mail to a list of filenames. If the first item is a number, it
> represents the number of seconds between checking for new messages.
> Default 5 minutes.
> zsh maybe should be in the first group, as it's a crossbreed.

Thanks a lot everyone.

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