Summary: ftp url's through mac netscape to a solaris ftp server

From: Marc Wiatrowski (
Date: Thu Sep 12 1996 - 15:23:46 CDT

SOLUTION: (that worked perfectly)

>Change permissions for everything in ~ftp/dev to 666.

 Although the man page for ftpd says to use mknod to get the files in
 /ftp/dev, it omits to point out that the mknod does not set the right
 permissions. The corresponding system files in /dev are 666.


 I am having trouble connecting to our anonymous ftp server with a
 ftp:// URL in netscape 2.02 on our powermac's. I get
 "Current directory is /" and then it locks up with the Netscape logo
 continously shooting its stars until I have to kill the connection.

 It works fine using nescape on PCs and SUN workstations. Using fetch on
 the same mac also works with no problem as does connection to other
 anonymous ftp servers. Just not ours. (well the couple i tried)

 I have tried wu-ftpd 2.4 and the in.ftpd that comes with solaris 2.4
 with multiple different setups. I have tried having connect messaged
 and turning them off. I have tried different ftp password setups, but
 have had no luck.

 I realize this is possibly a mac question, but think it's on the server
 side. any suggestions/comments... solutions?


 Everyone who replied and especially:

 Glenn Carver <> who gave me the answered and
 Tom Mornini <> who gave him the answer.

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