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Date: Thu Sep 12 1996 - 10:48:05 CDT

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I wrote:
> Idiotic Question of the Day:
> Where can I find more Information on how the "rs" Option in a 4.x
> printcap works than the 0.75 Sentences in the Manpage and the 2 cm
> in my NeWSprint Docs?
> (Like: Can I combine it with Group Access Control (rg) once the
> "local Account" is identified, will it work with a 5.4 Client
> trying to print to a 4.1.3_U1B Server, etc..)

I set up a temporary Account on the Print Server to help the User out,
and started editing /etc/hosts.lpd and whatnot to allow Printing from
the Client in Question. The Printer Logs and my Inbox still have to
receive the first Sign of anyone actually trying to use either. :-C

I received Mail from (Peter M Allan) regarding
special printcap Filters to accomplish the mentioned Task; He has such
Filters in Use.

Thanks again,
                                                                J. Bern

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