Summary : Solaris 2.5.1 hangs on shutdown

From: Brian Graham (
Date: Thu Sep 12 1996 - 11:06:00 CDT

Original Post:
This seems strange to me. I have just installed a Sparc Station 4 with

Solaris 2.5.1 and when
we try to attempt to do "shutdown -i6 -g0 -y" the machine hangs. The
messages up to the hang

# shutdown -i6 -g0 -y

Shutdown started. Wed Sep 11 09:45:57 EDT 1996

Broadcast Message from root (console) on hose Wed Sep 11 09:45:58...
Log off now or risk your files being damaged

showmount: hose: RPC: Program not registered
Changing to init state 6 - please wait
INIT: New run level: 6
The system is coming down. Please wait.
System services are now being stopped.
Print services stopped.
Stopping the syslog service.
Sep 11 09:46:05 hose syslogd: going down on signal 15
nfs umount: /vol: not mounted

Reboot works though! This seems really strange to me, this install is

vanilla no optional packages other than NIS and when the machine is up
and running everything is fine. By the way we have been having a debate

on the differences on shutdown and reboot. I am under the impression
that the big difference is that reboot will not execute the "K" scripts

in the rc.x directories and shutdown will.

We were mounting /usr/share via automount to the machine that was hanging
on shutdown. Once we quit doing that everything was fine. I can only
assume (because I don't have time to investigate and determine for
certain) that the /usr/share mount is lost, and then something out of
/usr/share is needed for shutdown.

I had many answers to the reboot vs. Shutdown command and everyone pretty
much said the same thing. By default both reboot and shutdown execute a
graceful shutdown using the "K" scripts in the rc?.d directories.

Thanks to everyone who responded.

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