SUMMARY (Sort of): sendmail eating CPU

From: Jochen Bern (
Date: Thu Sep 12 1996 - 10:24:53 CDT

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I had been asking about possible Reasons why a 4.x sendmail could decide
to just go and eat 35+% CPU "for nothing". It was no big Deal to restart
it, it didn't repeat so far (2 Months), and we'll switch to 8.x real_
soon_now (tm), so I'm summarizing a Bit late - and without any Clue as
to what may have happened.

Anyhow, the important Lesson I learned is that trace, truss, and a Lot
of Debuggers support the -p <PId> Option to attach to a running Process.
Stupid me would've been able to just look at what the sendmail was doing
if I had known. !-}

Other Hints I got:
-- /etc/passwd / NIS passwd has a Typo (not the Case)
-- Switch to IDA sendmail (seriously considered that, but we got a Lot
   of small Clusters, 8.x's Capability to have m4 Files with per-Site
   and per-Cluster Configs looks too amazing *not* to give it a Try ;-)

Thanks to: (Kevin Sheehan) (Brett Lymn) (Glenn Satchell) (Matthew Stier)

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